All opinions stated on Trippy Food are mine and belong no one else (unless you agree with me). Some of the comments left by readers are deep and insightful and engage in spirited conversation, but unfortunately any blathering idiot can get Internet access (as you can tell by my blog) and some of them may feel the need to use this blog as a forum for their lunacy. If comments are racist, sexist, ageist, or any other “ist” that targets any group in a hurtful way, your comment will be censored; nonsensical gibberish other than my posts will be ignored. I am far from perfect, and I welcome all of your comments, positive or negative.

I regularly work with public relation folks who pique my interest with free food or admission to events at no cost, but I do not accept monetary compensation or gifts; there is no expectation level set that I will write about what I experience, good or bad. I have never been, nor would I respond to requests by the generous people who offer these meals or services to write anything specific or refrain from writing anything negative. For the sake of authenticity and integrity, I will inform you, the reader (yes, you – over there in the blue shirt) whenever I did not pay for the experience I am writing about.

If you have any questions about anything I’ve written about, or want my honest opinion on something I haven’t, I am readily available at [email protected] and look forward to speaking with you. When I started Trippy Food several years ago, my main objective was to share my encounters and observations with you and hope that you will find them interesting enough to want to explore and experience them yourself.

I try to let folks know in advance where I’ll be via Facebook and Twitter; feel free to find me if you’re there as well – I’d love to meet you (I’ll be the idiot in the Guy Fiery dragon shirt or the Oxford library corduroy jacket). Thank you for making Trippy Food a part of a balanced breakfast.

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